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Getting in/Getting on

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OpenBook Doing Dialogue[Bearbeiten]

Our work in the OpenLabs was based on open work processes and the involvement of various actors in discussions and joint developments. With the help of the OpenBook structure and good technical prerequisites, active and continuous participation in a dialogue is still possible. In order to get in touch with the topic of OERlab, it is recommended to create a user account for our OpenBook first.

Starting a discussion[Bearbeiten]

To start a discussion, you can visit the corresponding discussion page in each text page. This can be found at the top of each page in the Discussion tab.

Choosing the text passage[Bearbeiten]

If you want to start a discussion with regard to a certain part of the text, simply mark the corresponding paragraph or sentence and copy it to the discussion page at the appropriate place. Once you have copied the text, use the formatting bar to display it as italic text.

Using appropriate tag[Bearbeiten]

Once you have set your text, you must first create your comment using a tag, you can use the following template. To get the necessary HTML code, click on Edit for this section - then you have the possibility to extract the HTML code directly from the text field.

Tag for Discussion (Click on Edit to copy the Tag!)
:Add your comment here --User: "Add your (user)name here for comment you just copied and added to the discussion"

If you want to write a follow-up comment, set the corresponding additional number of : (= colon) before your day.

Color picker[Bearbeiten]

So that we can display a clear dialog, you have the possibility to display your comment with a color. You can change and insert this color in the above tag at background-color. With the help of an external color selection you can select a color.

Contribute comment[Bearbeiten]

As soon as you have inserted the tag with the color, you only have to formulate your contribution accordingly and save your changes.